Monday, February 21, 2005

since 1990?

That's right. 1990. That's how long we've been keeping an eye on search engine optimization.

Well, maybe not that long. Actually, the reference is a tribute to a link reciprocation request we just received, from a man who has, shall we say, a lot of experience in SEO.

Shortly after requesting a link to his Resources page (which, btw, returns a 404), here's what he had to say about his experience in the biz (with my emphasis added):
I don't have a link farm, no pop-ups, no adult content. I do have 15 years experience doing Search Engine Optimization. We might be able to refer clients to you and we might attract business for each other.
So a year before Tim Berners-Lee announced the WWW as a "project," our link reciprocator was hard at work, optimizing - who knows - college ftp servers for Archie searches?

That, friends, is an Internet pioneer.


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