Friday, March 04, 2005

eBay: 86% evil?

Google's well known and oft-chided internal mission is "Don't be evil." Oh, would that eBay felt the same. We recently showed that the world's largest online auction house found its inventory of despair worthy of advertising via Adwords. So we decided to perform further testing, with the results shown below. Turns out that six of the seven deadly sins are readily available - some through affiliates, and some, we assume, through regular OEM channels.

Gluttony appears to be the only one of the "big 7" not found. This is not to say that gluttony is not available at eBay - only that no one is purchasing Adwords to move it out the door.

All this brings us back to the original point. Six of the Seven Deadly Sins are available for purchase at eBay. eBay, we conclude, is the devil's convenience store. And Google Adwords is its faithful lackey, pacing the sidewalk outside, wearing the sandwich board of eternal damnation.

Enjoy what follows.



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