Monday, April 11, 2005

"happy birthday, jeeves!" - the interview

On April 7, Ask Jeeves celebrated its birthday. The Ask Jeeves Blog posted a nice retrospective on Friday, but we weren't just weren't satisfied with the depth of the article, so we decided to follow up. Following is an interview* with Ask Jeeves.

[* the rules: interview questions were posed in the search box exactly as shown here. The "answers" are the relevant portion of the first web result on the Ask SERP.]

S|A: Happy Birthday, Jeeves!
AJ: October 18, 2004
Happy Birthday, Jeeves!
Last Friday was P.G. Wodehouse's birthday.
Brandywine Books has a tribute.

S|A: How old are you?
AJ: Enter your Date of Birth ie:2 03 2001
Note: ---> To calculate another Date of Birth you must Click Here

S|A: You seem preoccupied today. Is anything wrong?
AJ: Nothing’s wrong but there is something you should know.

S|A: Really? Does it have something to do with Yahoo? Google?
AJ: New Yahoo really something to see

S|A: Well, Yahoo is nice, but Jeeves is a wonderful engine.
AJ: yahoo did well in returning efficent data pertaining to the subject. Overall a good search engine, and portal.

S|A: But I want to talk about the future of Ask Jeeves!
AJ: "Let's say I have 2 applications and I want to have them talk back and forth to each other," he said. "I can almost put a string between them because they're Internet connected. They can do things to keep up and running and security is usually fairly simple but there's not, in terms of a communications backbone, a lot of intelligence or depth. What's coming up with services-oriented architecture is this view of, somewhere I have a service that does exactly what I want."

At that point, the interview was over. But not before we got a glimpse into the future of Ask Jeeves: An Internet-related services-oriented architecture that satisfies the needs of its users. Damn you, Jeeves! Just when we thought we had you figured out!



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