Thursday, April 07, 2005

local search brings families together

We're a little surprised that no one (else) with a warped sense of filial piety has mentioned Fredrick Marckini's "Local Search: Convert and Win" from ClickZ.

The article is as one might expect: A paragraph or two of sensible material cushioned in enough whipped cream to hit the 750-word target, all topped off with a nice opportunity for Fredrick to give his dad's company a fat, direct text link.

Fair enough; selling a company for $50M certainly earns one a pulpit. But what we'd expected was a bit more focus on his last paragraph:
"Right now, four out of every five phone calls I answer are from people who tell me they found me in search. It's really incredible," my dad told our extended family at a dinner recently. I love it when he's excited, and I love it when he gushes. Most of all, I love the targeting power of search marketing.
Pardon us while we fight off the tears and hum "Cat's in the Cradle." With a heartfelt conclusion like that, we're left pondering the warmth exuded during, say, a typical Marckini Thanksgiving - maybe something like
I love it when I eat this much turkey, and I love the fluffiness of these mashed potatoes. Most of all, I love the implications of the latest study of conversion rates for above-the-fold sites amid refined, poly-phrasic search queries.



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