Tuesday, June 07, 2005

more google rater hub SECRETS REVEALED!

You already know the basics. In its quest to test its SERP relevancy on humans, Google hires the closest thing to humans it can find: college students. But that's only the beginning. Most of the real story here is buried in the forums, where members let their guards down and leak some of the most groundbreaking information imaginable. That's the real 411 on Google Eval.

This this page at Webmasterworld, for example. Here's just a sampling of what we find when we look past the "big" story and hone in on the treasure buried in Brett Tabke's confessional.
  • Henk van Ess's real name is Henk van Ess.
  • Henk van Ess is neither a German nor a Nazi, but he does seem quite dictatorial about fact-checking.
  • Hank joined WebmasterWorld a long time ago, although the person who accused him of being Mr. Hess (perhaps not the Mr. Hess, we're not sure) joined WebmasterWorld a year before Henk did.
  • Henk would prefer that we focus on the content, not on him.
We're sure you would, Henk. We're sure you would...


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