Wednesday, June 08, 2005

SEO and the FUDD Factor

The last six months have taught the SEO industry a great deal. First, many webmasters have found that taking Allegra and washing it down with bourbon can have some devastating effects - so bad, in fact, that no matter how great you think you are, you might wake up one day and be completely unable to find yourself. And that can make you vewy, vewy angwy.

Is there a sandbox or not? Do scraper sites negatively affect the original? Questions like these, and our natural desire to create answers where answers are not forthcoming, can cause us to second guess even the simplest techniques.

In honor of Google's own Elmer implementation, we've decided to call this the era of ELMER FUDD:

Engines Limiting Meaningful Elucidation, Resulting in Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, and Drama

And beware of rabbits dressed as barbers.


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