Tuesday, June 21, 2005

wikipedia and SEO: strange bedfellows

Now this is just plain fun: The "Talk" section of Wikipedia's entry on Search Engine Optimization. What could be more entertaining than watching the blue-haired, ruler-thumping uber-grammarians of Wiki meet the urine-soaked, medallion-wearing lounge lizards of SEO?

Of special interest is the Q&A that ensued when one opinionated chap decided to take Wiki's section on Search Engine Optimization and change its title to Searchability Optimization. When asked to kindly describe his rationale, he replied simply,
Basic english. I strongly care that the term be corrected. the search engine itself is not being optimized. The pages ... are being optimized.
We couldn't agree more. In fact, just recently we attended a college graduation and were horrified to find that it wasn't the college that was graduating, as the name seemed to promise, but instead, a sordid collection of slothful youth!


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