Monday, July 25, 2005

a lot of promise

Never before has a simple press release so swiftly and thoroughly made our day. For the next week or so, you'll find us sitting around the warm, two-liter bottle of Diet Cherry 7-Up that serves as the SEM|ANTICS snack bar, trying to decide which word in the following paragraph is the most entertaining:
Graphic artist and website developer Karl Ribas publicly announced his intentions of stepping into the search engine marketing industry, an industry which as of late has been showing a lot of promise.
Cruel first graf! Thou dost smite me with thine vainglory!

Is it the way Karl publicly announces his intentions, like an 18-year-old high school hoops star brashly announcing that he'll skip college and head right for the NBA? Or is it Karl's finely honed ability to spot industries that show "a lot of promise"?

(Oh, and the next four paragraphs are pretty good too.)

Either Karl is the hands-down master of old-school ironic satire, or next week we might just read about his intentions to become something else, like a firefighter, or maybe an astronaut. You can guess which one we're betting on.


At 7/26/2005 12:14 PM, Blogger Todd said...

That is hilarious. Thanks for a good chuckle. I'm all for shameless self promotion, but that takes it to new heights.


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