Friday, September 16, 2005

Link Building, as Defined by Joseph Heller

To piggyback onto Stuntdubl's excellent rant (at SEW, as spotted via SERoundtable - got all that?), we'd like to throw our two shiny pennies into the pot of SEO Contradictions. From Stuntdubl's original list, this pirates a bit of #2, 5, and 14, but we hope he'll forgive us.

Clearly, you need incoming links to rank well at Google. In fact, Google recommends that you "have other relevant sites link to yours." But don't buy the links, don't ask for them, and by all means, don't participate in schemes to improve your ranking. Should you submit to directories? Well, maybe, maybe not. Since we know that "the best links are earned and given by choice," you might wonder how your site will get the visibility required to earn the respect of potential link partners.

On any given day, 47% of Internet users use a search engine (56% of 84%). Google is the engine with the largest market share. Therefore, the single most effective way to gain visibility and appeal to potential link suitors is to appear in Google search results.

The conclusion is simple: To rank well at Google, you must rank well at Google.

You're welcome.


At 1/12/2006 8:02 AM, Blogger Skal Tura said...

Paradox's at best! :D
(btw, i also run a game named Paradox Online, now in development pause altho)


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