Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Pathology of Blog Comment Posters

SEO Speedwagon has a clever little post dissecting the pathology of Matt Cutts' legion of fans. It's nice that someone has taken the time to disambiguate the various levels of neurotic sycophancy that swarm around the Googleplex like gnats on a fallen pear.

The descriptions are all on the mark, although we wish the Wagoneers had added one additional type:

The Ambitious Understudy: Those who are kind enough to help Matt along with his daily work in search. Following is an excerpt of the full comment.
Matt, I became quite an expert on the problems of search engines, and the presentation of results. For example, did you know that one gets to have more fresh results if he or she phrases the search-phrase itself in a better way??
We're nearly certain that that Cutts, a former NSA programmer and Google software engineer, appreciates knowing that search results differ depending on the query.


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