Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seth Godin Pimps His Own Forehead

Grand act of performance art, or tough times in Idealand? Seth Godin seems to have caught some sort of virus, but not the kind that sells books or consulting gigs. More like, the kind that sells (gasp) insurance.

Mention Seth Godin's head and you could earn $50 off your next collision deductible.
Seth, we beg you: Even a tip jar is more dignified than this. At least save yourself for a company who doesn't insert whizzing cars across that beautiful, clean-shaven forehead.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Secret of the Million Dollar Homepage's Success

We couldn't be happier with the sudden and unbridled success being enjoyed by the Million Dollar Homepage. We heard about it a month or so ago, shortly after launch, then one of Nick's threads reminded us again at the end of last week. Anything this original and ridiculous deserves our full support.

In the buying guidelines, however, we did find one particular request that stood out:
Images must NOT be animated (imagine how messy the homepage would look)

Avoiding animated graphics keeps the Million Dollar Homepage looking professional

Um ... yes. We certainly wouldn't recommend any sort of graphics that detract from the grandeur of the existing static images.